Lake Creek Watershed-based Plan

Development of the Lake Creek Watershed-based Plan began in January of 2017. Initial planning efforts involved gathering a stakeholder group that eventually led to the Lake Creek Watershed Council. A watershed resource inventory was constructed to characterize various watershed components. This document also identifies areas impacted by nonpoint source pollution.

Planning Area


For more information on the Lake Creek Watershed Council and future planning activities, please see the links below.

Watershed-based Plan Documents

 LCW RI Cover


Public Involvement

Greater Egypt is seeking input from the public to propose best management practices (BMP) for the Lake Creek Watershed-based Plan. Please see the following materials. If you need assistance, please contact Tyler Carpenter at Greater Egypt.


Lake Creek Watershed Council Information

Council meetings are generally held on a quarterly basis at 10:00 AM. The location is the Greater Egypt Office unless otherwise noted.  Please see the following table for meeting dates, location, and other materials:

Date Location Agenda Materials
3/1/2017 Johnston City High School X X
4/27/2017 Greater Egypt Office X X
8/1/2017 Greater Egypt Office X X
11/15/2017 Greater Egypt Office X XX ,X