Executive Committee

2017 Commission Executive Committee

Chairman: Julie Peterson, Jackson County
1st Vice Chairman: Jeffery Robinson, Williamson County
2nd Vice Chairman: Brian Otten, Perry County
3rd Vice Chairman: Greg Smothers, Williamson County
4th Vice Chairman: Fred Kelly, Perry County
Secretary: Steve Damron, Jefferson County
Treasurer:  Cindy Humm, Franklin County

Executive Committee Meetings

Meetings are held at 6:00 p.m. on the following dates and locations.

Date Location Agenda Minutes
01/10/2017 Greater Egypt Office X X
02/22/2017 Cancelled
03/29/2017 Cancelled
4/26/2017 Benton City Hall X X
05/03/2017 Greater Egypt Office  X 
06/07/2017 Greater Egypt Office X
07/26/2017 Cancelled
08/08/2017 Greater Egypt Office X X
09/12/2017 Pinckneyville City Hall X X
10/10/2017 Greater Egypt Office X X
11/29/2017 Cancelled
12/27/2017 TBD  –