Imagine Greater

It’s safe to say we are all passionate about our region and the unchartered opportunities it offers. We believe the economic vibrancy and quality of life here has proven to be successful for companies, families and individuals, and that we can create a sustainable model that parallels that of major areas and regions around the country.

We are working on a strategic plan to shine a light on opportunities for businesses, careers and the quality of life throughout Franklin, Jackson, Jefferson, Perry and Williamson counties.
The three phases of the plan will happen between now and March 30, 2017, and are as follows:

Conduct research here and beyond to understand and identify strengths and opportunities – but more importantly what is unique about what we have here.

Use the most compelling insights to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that connects our messages so that existing and potential businesses, residents, visitors and neighbors will embrace and communicate it with others.

Leverage the messages as a tool to reshape the face of conversation – not just with a new name and look – but with a “feeling” and a real benefit proposition that become what we stand for and are known for.

We would love to hear from you. If you are interested in sharing your story or have resources you believe can be of value, please contact us using the form below.