Watershed Planning

Hurricane Creek Watershed

As part of the Water Quality Management Planning agreement with the IEPA, Greater Egypt serves as the watershed coordinator for the Hurricane Creek Watershed-based Plan. The watershed contains nearly 26 square miles and rests entirely within Williamson County, IL. Watershed-based plans are designed to improve water quality and protect the waterbodies within the watershed.   The Hurricane Creek Watershed-based Plan consists of a comprehensive resource inventory and an action plan which will identify Best Management Practices (BMPs) to improve water quality.

The Hurricane Creek Watershed Council was formed to provide guidance for the watershed-based plan. Guidance from the Council includes local knowledge of water-related activities and identifying BMPs that will be suggested in the plan. The Council convenes monthly at the Greater Egypt office in Marion, Illinois, unless otherwise noted.  Meeting times and agendas are located in the table below.

Date Meeting Type Agenda
6/15/2015 Initial Stakeholders Meeting
8/7/2015 Council Meeting
9/29/2015 Council Meeting
10/22/2015 Public Forum
11/12/2015 Council Meeting
12/15/2015 Council Meeting



Hurricane Creek Watershed Inventory

One of the first steps in a watershed-based plan is the development of a watershed resource inventory. The inventory consists of various components that define the watershed. These components can include: Geology and Climate, Soils, Jurisdictions, Land Use, and Water Quality. Characterizing the watershed assists in developing the plan by addressing areas with poor water quality. The inventory can be viewed by clicking the link below:

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